Featured Ads

The Featured Ad service allows your ad to appear in the Featured Ad sections providing your ad with up to 20 times the visibility of a regular ad!*

Your ad gets better placement by appearing in the Featured Listings sections described below. The images below show samples of the two types of Featured Ads available. Top of the Listings and Search Results Featured Ads Home Page Featured Ads
For Homepage Featured Ads, the Featured Ads that are shown are randomly selected amongst all the Homepage Featured Ads on the Website. For Top of the Listings and Search Results Featured Ads, the Featured Ads are shown in the applicable subcategory and rotate randomly amongst all the Featured Ads for that subcategory and location. In all instances, the selection of the Featured Ad is randomly generated to allow all Featured Ads purchasers to have the same chance to appear on the Website. This is why it's possible that your ad will not always show up in the applicable Featured Ads section.
The goal of Featured Ads is to increase the potential visibility of your ad. On average, 8 times more people may see your ad compared to regular ads.* On the categories with the most ads you may get as many as 20 times the visibility.
You can buy a Featured Ad from the last step of the posting process which confirms that your ad has been published or from My Presskr. The process is straightforward. You select whether you want to buy a Home Page Featured Ad or a Top of the Listings and Search Results Featured Ad or both. You select how many weeks you want to feature your ad for. You are then taken to the payment page with a variety of payment options. After making the payment, you will receive confirmation that your ad is available with the emphasis chosen: at the top of the listing or on the main site. If your ad complies with the PRESSKR terms of use, you will receive an email confirmation. Please note there are absolutely no refunds once you have purchased a Featured Ad. All sales of Featured Ads are final.
Home Page Featured Ads cost 250 per week. Top of the Listings and Search Results Featured Ads cost 50.00 per week. We offer discounts for large purchases of featured ads and also have a Featured Ads Reseller Program.
If you bought a Featured Ad and don't see it in the designated area, please: Verify you received an email confirmation saying your featured ad is online. It may take up to 24 hours for Featured Ads to be reviewed. Verify the start and end dates for your Featured Ad in the email confirmation. Remember that your ad is in rotation with others in the same category and location so it's not always shown. As a rule of thumb, in any given day there won't be more than 18 ads in rotation in a category in a given city so your ad will be shown approximately once every three times the page is loaded for Featured Ads at the top of the Listings and Search Results.*
Featured ads are sold per week (7 days). You can feature your ads for up to 4 weeks.